Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top signs your dog has an eating disorder

The word "gravy" whispered from 300 yards away makes him leap up even while under anesthesia

He is so full that if you put him in a dogapult and hurled him over the enemy walls he would be considered a weapon of mass destruction. (  note: a catapult is for cats )

At first you were hopeful when Fido enrolled in the 12 step program from "Devouring Dogs Anonymous."  But you are heartbroken when you hear that their 3 times a day meetings are held at the buffet.

When being treated for dehydration  he insists that the Vet use an I.V. filled with turkey gravy

He continuously begs you for more and more of those doggy appetite suppressant treats.

He doesn't like  politics mixed his chow time. He doesn't want to hear the words "Quantitative Eating"

Compared to him,  Pavlov's Salivating dogs appear to have cotton mouth

 After lunch he is so bloated that when the mailman comes all he can do is bark and frantically move his legs in midair.

In his boxing days, when knocked unconscious, it was more effective to use bacon than smelling salts

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