Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top signs you own a dumb dog

Requested that her I.Q. test  be reformatted so this time she can smell the questions and then eat them

Plays pin the tail on the donkey but keeps putting the tail on herself and then runs  in circles for hours trying to catch it.

She sees a fire hydrant but just can't grasp it's importance

At the Veterinarian office she gets extremely happy when she hears you say "spade". All she can think about is how many pretzels she got last time you played cards.

Can only count up to twenty.  But that's only once those silly little paw booties come off.

When asked to solve difficult  math questions like " How old are you in human years?" she has a nervous breakdown

Countless bruises on nose from confrontations with the evil dog guarding the other side of the  mirror

Dogs with blank stares  have to tell her what "spade" really means

She is frustrated and insists that the I.Q. test needs more questions like " If it looks like a bone, smells like a bone and tastes like a bone then what is it?

Actually believes that flea and tick baths gives you fleas and ticks

Continues to post on facebook the current  location of where she is digging  holes in the neighborhood  even though she just accepted a friend request from the dog catcher

Even after repeatedly watching that " Barking phonics" video she still pronounces "woof" as "oops"

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